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Shibie, The Shiba Inu-Barbie Crossbreed Coin, Making Waves In Crypto

Shibie, The Shiba Inu-Barbie Crossbreed Coin, Making Waves In Crypto

Shibie coin, is the latest sensation in the crypto industry, while the new smash hit Hollywood blockbuster Barbie continues to shatter box office records.

A quick-witted team of meme coin degens came up with a brilliant idea for a viral token.

The team has created Shibie Coin by combining Barbie, one of the most popular themes in the world, with Shiba Inu, the dog that inspired the top two meme currencies on the crypto market. The name “Shibie” sounds pretty good, so you can bet that this sassy mix will be the best of the breed.

According to the Shibie website, “This Shiba Inu-Barbie crossbreed is the prancing, panting, and downright provocative queen of the crypto world.”

Shibie, The Shiba Inu-Barbie Crossbreed Coin, Making Waves In Crypto

Shibie Presale Will Sell Out Quickly – Low-Cap Meme Coin Value to Skyrocket Upon Listing 

The Shibie presale is now open after a covert teaser, and the tokens are valued at $0.000167. However, there is no time to waste because the presale will be brief and straightforward because only $999,999 needs to be raised. 

The presale will last for eight days, so it’s best to decide whether to buy now or later.

To be informed about significant presale-related updates and the crucial decentralized exchange listing date, make sure to follow Shibie Coin on Twitter and join its official Telegram channel. 

In addition, a centralized exchange (CEX) listing is intended.

How Much of a Gain of 1,000x Can the $SHIBIE Price Pump?

In its $999,999 presale, Shibie Coin is selling a generous 60% of the tokens in circulation for the pitiful sum of $0.000167 each.

In comparison to most previous Web3 presales, that raise sum is modest, and it might sell out soon. With a low-cap coin and a presale value of only $2.5 million, $SHIBIE has plenty of room to rise in value.

When PEPE coin debuted in April of this year, innumerable millionaires were created.  Even its imitators, like PEPE2.0, have made its customers rich. PEPE2.0 gave investors who purchased it at the listed price a return of 20,635%.

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On the strength of that alone, expect $SHIBIE to soar 1,000 times or more. Shibie Coin undoubtedly possesses a formula for virality and a powerful pump.

The token’s uniqueness resides in its capacity to capture the whimsical charm of a Shiba Inu and flawlessly merge it with Barbie’s legendary attractiveness, all within a single token. This engaging meme token, a playful merger of two cultural icons, has the potential to push the envelope in the cryptocurrency space.

Shibie Is Aiming For The Launches Of DEX And CEX

Dedicating 20% of the $SHIBIE token supply to DEX liquidity should guarantee convenient trading conditions when it first launches.

To the liquidity of controlled exchanges (CEX), an additional 10% is devoted. That illustrates how Shibie’s team wants to expand $SHIBIE’s availability and promote a varied and welcoming community by going far beyond the DEX with strategic CEX listings. Avoid missing out on the presale and being forced to buy the coin at a considerably higher price on a DEX or CEX.

Shibie, The Shiba Inu-Barbie Crossbreed Coin, Making Waves In Crypto

Shibie Is Expecting A Significant Marketing Push

We may anticipate a major PR blitz to ride the Barbie wave because the final 20% of the $SHIBIE supply is going to marketing.

Additionally, the coin has no insider or team allocation excess that can later cause sizable token dumps.

The entire non-presale supply is devoted to maintaining streamlined trading conditions through ample liquidity and deft promotion such that cryptocurrency Twitter and YouTube are dancing to Shibie’s tune.

Shibie Coin will soon be all over the crypto media, and the meme coin degens can’t wait to see it. That’s because Shibie’s roadmap, which can be found in the project’s Whitepaper, promises “marketing, marketing, and more marketing.”

In order to advertise the token on Twitter, YouTube, and numerous Telegram/Discord trade groups, the company is likely to contact influencers. Shibie will likely be heavily highlighted on many cryptocurrency news websites at the same time as a result of media agreements.

Expect the project’s marketing efforts to succeed quickly as Shibie rides the virality waves of both Barbie and the Shiba Inu meme currencies.

After the initial DEX launch, anticipate CEX listings to come shortly after.

Shibie, The Shiba Inu-Barbie Crossbreed Coin, Making Waves In Crypto

Shibie Is An AI-Powered Bot In The Works

Shibie is striving to offer utility to its community of Barbie, Shiba Inu, and cryptocurrency aficionados, unlike most other shitcoins out there.

The group intends to introduce a Shibie Telegram bot driven by artificial intelligence (AI). In accordance with the initiative, users can “engage in playful banter and fetch fun insights about Shibie, all through the convenience of your favourite messaging platform!”

Yes, you should benefit from the meme currency presale.

If you haven’t already, adjust your alerts on Twitter and Telegram to follow Shibie Coin and be the first to learn when the presale launch date is announced.

Finally, as stated on the Shibie website, “Shibie may be a fun and frisky mutt, but investing in cryptocurrency comes with real risks.”

Do research before investing, and never risk more than you can afford to lose. Even Shibie knows not to chase a vehicle she cannot catch!”

DISCLAIMER: Cryptocurrency is a high-risk asset class, as stated. This piece is offered just as information and does not represent investment advice. Your entire investment may be lost.

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