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SpaceX Releases 373$ Million Dollars Of Bitcoin

SpaceX Releases 373$ Million Dollars Of Bitcoin

Investors have confirmed with a shock that the value of the Bitcoin token has taken a nasty dip to 26k after SpaceX decided to sell it gaining 373 Million dollars. Get the full details below.

SpaceX Dropped Bitcoin

Bitcoin has dropped below 27000$ within the last few hours and investors believe that it will continue to drop further. The investors were actively waiting for the value to surpass the 31000$ mark this year but it looks like they will have to put on hold their expectations. SpaceX took 1 year to buy all this Bitcoin and it comes as a tragedy when it sold it in large amounts especially when its value reached up to 373$ Million.

The new support levels that the token stands on at this point are 25,400$.

SpaceX Releases 373$ Million dollars of Bitcoin
Source: TradingView

Bitcoin’s Current Stand

According to the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin is at 26,527.60$ and has a market capitalization of 516.25 B USD. The reports are in line with the statistics on Binance. The volume of tokens traded within the last 24 hours stands at 34.36 Billion and a circulation supply of 19.64 Million has been recorded.

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