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Binance And MUFG Japan Join Forces For Stablecoin Expansion

Binance And MUFG Japan Join Forces For Stablecoin Expansion


  • Binance collaborates with MUFG Japan to launch stablecoins denominated in USD, EUR, and JPY, with an expected rollout by 2024.
  • Japan’s progressive cryptocurrency regulation paves the way for the issuance of stablecoins, offering faster money transfers and settlements.
  • The collaboration reflects the immense potential of Japan’s stablecoin market, estimated at ¥5 trillion ($34 billion).
  • Binance must secure a license in Japan to proceed with its stablecoin issuance plan, enabling users to utilize stablecoins for cryptocurrency trading and potential payment services.
  • Binance navigates regulatory challenges globally while seeking compliance and the development of fully compliant stablecoins in response to evolving regulations in the European market.

Binance and MUFG Japan’s Ambitious Stablecoin Venture

In a strategic move poised to revolutionize Japan’s burgeoning crypto industry, Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a partnership with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group’s trust banking arm. This collaboration is set to pave the way for the launch of stablecoins denominated in USD, EUR, and Japanese Yen, with an anticipated rollout by 2024. The venture underscores Binance’s determination to explore fresh opportunities in international markets.

The two entities, Binance and MUFG Japan, have commenced a collaborative effort to facilitate the issuance of stablecoins. Takeshi Chino, the General Manager of MUFG, expressed the joint commitment to this project, reflecting the financial giant’s forward-looking approach to blockchain-based innovations.

Japan’s progressive stance on cryptocurrency regulation is a crucial catalyst for this initiative. In June, Japan enacted legislation permitting licensed companies to issue stablecoins, ushering in a new era for financial technology. Prominent firms like Orix Corp. have already expressed interest in launching such tokens, which hold the promise of expediting money transfers and settlements.

Binance And MUFG Japan Join Forces For Stablecoin Expansion

Furthermore, MUFG has engaged in discussions with various entities regarding the utilization of its blockchain platform, Progmat. This dialogue aims to explore the creation of stablecoins linked to foreign currencies, further amplifying the scope of innovation within Japan’s crypto landscape.

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Japan’s Crypto Landscape: The Potential of a ¥5 Trillion Stablecoin Market

Tatsuya Saito, Vice President of Product at MUFG, highlights the substantial potential of Japan’s stablecoin market, estimated to reach a remarkable ¥5 trillion ($34 billion). This projection represents a substantial portion of the current global market size, underlining the immense growth prospects within Japan’s cryptocurrency ecosystem.

As part of the regulatory requirements, Binance must obtain a license in Japan as an electronic settlement methods transaction business provider to execute its stablecoin issuance plan. Upon successful completion, users will gain the ability to leverage stablecoins for cryptocurrency trading and potentially engage in payment services, as outlined by Takeshi Chino.

Binance’s foray into the Japanese market comes as the exchange navigates regulatory challenges across various jurisdictions, including the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Despite these hurdles, Binance remains committed to engaging in constructive dialogues with regulators to bring clarity to the evolving cryptocurrency regulatory landscape.

Furthermore, Binance recently resumed its operations in Belgium after a temporary regulatory hiatus lasting nearly three months, showcasing its agility in adapting to changing circumstances. Additionally, reports suggesting Binance’s intent to delist stablecoins in the European market by June 2024, in response to the forthcoming Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) rules, have been clarified by Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ). CZ affirmed the exchange’s commitment to compliance and the development of fully compliant stablecoins in collaboration with European partners.

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